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Lumtec est une soci�t� sp�cilis�e dans la fabrication des lampes et des projecteurs en LED.

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The Perfect Place for lovers of nature

Surrounded by rural scenery, Grombalia is the ideal place for lovers of nature or guest house activities. Residents and visitors take advantage of the beautiful countryside to ride, walk, or simply enjoy the outdoors. Grombalia is also famous for its vineyards.

While investing in infrastructure to improve urban standards of living and make the best use of the beautiful natural view, the municipality of Grombalia chose technologies that are meant to protect, maintain, and improve the environment for present and future generations. They thought of a smart and versatile street lighting system that would guide people and make them feel safe and at ease in the dark.

A total of 326 ‘NetLux 150W’ luminaires were installed on the existing poles with a programmable lighting system, to minimize the operating hours of the luminaires, along with ‘Zhaga’ connectors ready to be connected to the smart system. This makes the luminaires scalable and addible to extra features in the future.

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