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Lumtec est une soci�t� sp�cilis�e dans la fabrication des lampes et des projecteurs en LED.

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Imm. Carrefour-Avenue 5 Aout-3002 Sfax - Tunisie

Our history

The Journey of Faith

We are a family-owned and operated business company in the heart of Tunisia, located mainly in Sfax – Tunisia. We are a two-generation business and have been providing many years of service to those around us.

It all started when we entered the world of business with a lot of determination and ambition, knowing that it is a journey of faith. We began this venture by only producing transformers.

Over the next decade, the business grew significantly, eventually providing low and medium power transformers and ballasts for fluorescent, mercury, sodium vapor and metal halide lamps across every state in Tunisia.

With over 30 years of experience in electrical components, our team continues to expand Kacem Group’s growth and service. we decided, after some scepticism, to get attached to that pinch of light. LUMTEC was the fruit of this faith. Consequently, the group of Kacem Electronic Industry has gradually diversified its activities as well as enlarged its product range through strengthening its human and equipment potential.

Today, Kacem Group continues to rapidly increase its portfolio of systems and components from its leading electrical brand. We continue manufacturing public and domestic lighting powered by LED technology. In fact, our years of hands-on experience and education have become assets as our company continues to grow.

We are extremely proud to be the leaders in the lighting market through the manufacturing of lighting equipment, luminaires, and floodlights in Tunisia.

Mohamed KACEM

Founder CEO Kacem Group

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