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KAMAR Smart Lighting System

Light is led, Light is smart

With more than 35 years of activity, LUMTEC’s purpose hasn’t been restricted to only reaching the top. Technological development and making a significant difference in this field have been our objectives since the very beginning. In fact, the shift towards LED lighting technology has opened a new horizon for exploring, where we believe that ‘LIGHT IS LED

As long-term sustainability is seen as an absolute priority for everyone, we developed a strategy which fulfills durability along with customers’ needs. This seems to be the most successful strategy in terms of sustainability, time and cost-efficiency, eco-friendliness, and low consumption of energy. This is further assured through our smart lighting system, “KAMAR Smart Lighting System ”. The latter is a solution, developed by our team, enabling our customers to analyze, monitor, and control the performance of their connected light sources.

Let’s start by introducing our smart system’s special name. Maybe because we consider that the world and its phenomena are permanent miracles, we thought that the moon is the best way to describe our smart system. KAMAR was inspired from the lighting miracle. It is the moon’s direct Arabic translation. Being the lantern that lights up the universe for night travelers and the reflector of the pure rays of the sun, this phenomenon reflects the light of something much greater and far more powerful. This embodies LUMTEC’s insight about opening up a new horizon of delivering the best value to our customers worldwide, providing the depths of its power and providing the right experience in the right place.

KAMAR Smart Lighting System is simply our miracle.


Our approach consists of achieving a reliable technique that doesn’t require advanced hardware or a complicated interface. Thus, we created an adjustable, user-friendly system which fits each application and each client, regardless of his or her background. LUMTEC chose to adapt its products to this system, depending on the demands of the clients, through implementing the appropriate tools and devices in the lighting sources, according to the situation.


In order to ensure its effectiveness, this advanced system needs to correspond to the chosen communication protocol, which could take many forms, mentioning Zhaga, NEMA, PLC, and Dimming Line System DLS. In fact, each protocol is adapted to its own specific node. Mounted on the light source, this device is able to transmit and receive frequencies. It also ensures automatic data communication and provides a link between multiple light sources within a 200m radius.

However, it is important to consider the matter of adaptability. Indeed, the LED driver must be adaptable to the system, as there are various types of protocol connectors such as D4i, DALI 1 – 2, AmpDim and 4Dim, dimming 0-10V or 1-10V, and PWM output. All sources, once connected, receive and report information from the gateway. The latter works as a converter from radio frequency, received by the nodes, to 3G waves which are transmitted to the cloud servers. This converter is located in the external electrical cabinet, and it doesn’t require specific capacities to be mounted.

As soon as communication is secured, the cloud translates information into a user-accessible web platform, where the operator can analyze, monitor, and control his or her lighting network.

Sensors, such as motion, night detectors, and so on, could be added to the equipment.Accordingly, the system could grant more sophisticated features.


The ‘KAMAR Smart Lighting System’ is designed to respond to customers’ needs.

This solution is highly required thanks to its advanced features such as:

Maintenance and failure alerts

As an added feature, our system allows the supervision of the network even while the operator is not connected to his or her account. Maintenance and failure alerts are sent via the user’s e-mail and mobile phone. Information also pops up at the web platform, accompanied with a GPS identification, the luminaries’ reference, the needed intervention and the potential cause of the failure.

Having a dynamic and dimming profile

Our smart system’s lighting profile can effectively adapt to dynamic scenarios such as climate conditions, season adaptation, traffic circulation and so on. The device ensures providing a pre-customized lighting program according to the corresponding scenario. Our programmable system offers the possibility to change the program of the luminaries instantly and create dimming profiles for application when needed.

Energy measurement and reports

This feature offers the possibility of being aware of the exact amount of energy consumed by one’s network. The user can even identify the devices which have the highest level of energy consumption. These reports and measurements can help in making cost estimates and inform users about any possible leakage in the electric grid.

Real time monitoring and control

Access to a real-time monitor of the customers’ lighting network is granted. Based on the information collected from the user interface, the user can control his or her light sources, or even schedule the needed operations.

Security access

LUMTEC’s attention is also drawn to the possible existence of security breaches of web pages, which is why each user has his or her personal access account. Accounts, in fact, are different in terms of actions, reports, and monitoring authority..

Switching and dimming lines individually

Controlling the line current allows us to regulate all the luminaries supplied by the same line and have the same illumination result. It also offers the feasibility of monitoring each point individually.


Throughout 36 years of experience in the lighting field, we have realized that energy consumption is highly important, as it reflects the cost of electricity.

Migrating from standard lighting solutions to LED technology assures a 40% reduction in energy consumption, and consequently, a reduction of no less than 40% of the cost. In fact, these well-marked results are considerably better when upgrading to a smart lighting system.

So, trying to prove the noticeable difference, we took, as examples, a 150W light source in standard lighting and its equivalent of 70W of power in LED. Both of them operated for 10 hours and a 57% difference was noticed, where energy consumption was rated at 1.66 kW/h, as regards to the standard solution, and 0.70kW/h, as regards LED lighting.

Then, we connected the same LED source to the smart network and applied a customized lighting profile. Luminaries operated for the 3 first hours 100%, the 3 following hours 80%, the next 2 hours 60% and the last 2 hours 40%. Consequently, energy consumption was reduced to 0.54 kW/h, a rate of 67%. This reduction will, accordingly, be translated into a cost reduction, along with the gained maintenance time and spare parts, and the LED’s long lifespan. All of this is assured with the LUMTEC Smart system.

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