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Lumtec est une soci�t� sp�cilis�e dans la fabrication des lampes et des projecteurs en LED.

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Imm. Carrefour-Avenue 5 Aout-3002 Sfax - Tunisie

Boujaafar, Sousse

Home to beautiful moments

Boujaafar, Sousse is home to kite and jet-skiers, to laughter and beautiful moments, where the beautiful night walks are what most visitors adore about this place. It is even more enjoyable at night, when the light lays down on those beautiful, delicate waves. In fact, all of this was taken into account when installing luminaires on one of the most magnificent beaches on the eastern shore.

Based on the studies done for the purpose of brightening Boujaafar’s streets, LUMTEC chose to install ‘Netlux’ and ‘Maracana’ luminaires with, consequently, beautiful yellow and white lights. Their positioning, in fact, was well-analyzed, where in each and every light pole, ‘Netlux’ was put in two positions. One is facing the sidewalk and the other is facing the street, illuminating people’s way as if it were day light.

Thanks to Maracana specificities, the coastline of Boujaafar is a charming place as those nascent rays of the ‘Maracana’ reach down the surface of the water and highlight the beautiful natural color of the sand. In fact, through employing the most specific and suitable type of LED, lenses, color range, and luminous flux, the lenses of both employed products do not allow the meeting of the two different lighting colors in a homogeneous spatial interval. So, the end of the luminous flux of one product is the beginning of the other.

In fact, ‘Maracana’ luminaires are put in a specific order. By this, it means that they are dispersed alternatively thanks to the lenses’ wide angle. The latter allows the dispersion of sufficient illuminance without the need to install one ‘Maracana’ on every single light pole. Across this, we assure less requisite of employed products, less power consumption and a beautiful flow of light. Thanks to all of these characteristics, Boujaafar’s boardwalk has become a more delightful place.

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