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Lumtec est une soci�t� sp�cilis�e dans la fabrication des lampes et des projecteurs en LED.

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Bridge of Rades, Tunis

The creativity of talented minds

This bridge is the first of its kind in Tunisia and on the whole African continent. It is the fruit of the creativity of talented minds, of those who wanted a lake to flow under a bridge and made it happen. This double-lane road was constructed across the Tunis Lake Canal, stretching nearly 2,6 kilometers across the regional road, on the Rades side and 6,5 kilometers on the Marsa – Gammarth 3 expressway.

With the aim of mitigating traffic congestion and improving the environment in the urban area of Tunis, the Bridge of Rades was constructed and equipped with the ‘Netlux’ 100W LED luminaires. The latter were seen as the best type of luminaires to be installed in such a place in order to ensure low energy consumption, minimal maintenance and high visibility, which is very important for this type of emplacement. The choice of luminaires, with photometry specifically adapted to such an application, provides safety and comfort for all the different types of people using the bridge.

A total of 120 waterproof luminaries were installed on the existing poles at a height of 9 meters. In line with international standards, these LED luminaires provide a high white light output. Besides, based on the studies done, the lenses of ‘Netlux’ were designed to only illuminate the bridge where the angle prevents any light-spill onto the lake.

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